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You can contact Paul by phone or e-mail

If the phone goes to answer mode, it usually means Paul is with a client, but please leave a message and Paul will phone you back as soon as possible. Paul is the only person with access to the phone.

The client can chose if they wish to book a complete session for one hour (£40 ), or there is an additional option of an informal meeting for 20 minutes to provides an opportunity for you to talk about the reason you are seeking counselling, to ask questions and for Paul to provide an overview of himself and how the work may proceed. It also enables you to find out a little about the process, experience and possible outcomes. This consultation is completely free but only available at Flitwick.

If you decide to start the process, Paul will try to schedule your first session within 2 weeks and build a schedule to suit you needs thereafter.

Most sessions last for 60 minutes, and payment should be paid directly after the session in cash, cheque, or direct bank credit. Early bird sessions are for 50 minutes (the normal therapeutic hour), and run from both 7am and 8 am. They are also charged at £40. 

Paul's professional fees are £40 for ongoing one to one sessions. There are some reductions for student counsellors and the low waged.

Its common to start with a premise of 6/8 sessions and review, but the sessions can be open-ended, and of course you are free to stop and/or take a break from counselling at any time.  

 24 hours notice is required for cancellations; these can be done by text, e-mail or phone.   

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and to be understood. The best way to understand and be understood is to listen “ Ralph Nichol

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