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Will you be able to help me with my problems ?

Our introductory meeting will give you the opportunity to describe your issue and to see if you are comfortable working with me. Should I feel that your needs are better served by another therapist I will [where possible] refer to another that I feel would be more suitable

Does counselling work ?

Counselling is beneficial for most people. The majority of qualitative/quantitive research inticates that  77% of clients found counselling to be effective and benificial. Changes can often seem remarkable. 

What is the difference between counselling & Psychotherapy ?

None, the BACP do not recognise any difference between the two terms. Some take the view that psychotherapy is longer term.

Will our meeting be confidential ?

Yes, only if the therapist believes there is a risk of harm to the client or others would that confidentiality be broken.

What is supervision ? 

Most ethical guide lines [BACP and others] require counsellors to have monthy supervision. This is when a practitioner takes his case load to an experienced counsellor to ensure that they are working with safety and effectiveness, both for client and practitioner. Individual clients may [or not] be discussed but personal details such as names and addresses are never disclosed .

How do I know if you are qualified ?

I am a full member of the BACP . In being so I have to produce recognised qualifications, insurance and personal references from other counsellors and previous tutors. As an accredited member I have to demonstrate proof of my ethical and theoretical knowledge that underpins my own practice.

How many sessions should I have ?

Each client is different, so length of  time will vary, but short term work would be considered  6/8 session, where as long term may be considerably more.   

If I am on medication For depression should I stop taking it when in therapy ?

No, counselling and medication sit quite happily together, some research indicate's that the two together can speed up the healing process. You should not change medication without first consulting your GP. 



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