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At present Paul is only able to offer this service at Flitwick: the session usually takes about 20 minutes and provides the client with the chance to gain insight into how counselling/therapy may work for them, and to get a sense as to how comfortable they feel within the environment and with Paul.

Depending on workload Paul is usually able to offer an appointment within two weeks.  

This service is also available for supervisees and trainee counsellors


Snippets....Some links and resources you may find interesting.

Favourite links......RSA animate 'the empathic civilisation'  [Great doodle] !

                             RSA animate 'how to help every child fulfil their potential'

Ted Talks... Brene Brown 'the power of vulnerability'  [Well researched, funny and wonderful]

                    Falling into grace/Deborah Bowman [Motivational]                 

Info..             www.its good to talk.org.uk



Some Mindfulness....movement-matters.com /free resources/guided mindfulness.

                                  mark.ucl.edu-breathing-meditation [5 minutes].                     


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